Our Services

Empira provides education and consulting services to Aging Service providers to help train care teams in best practices or guide them in implementing any of our signature programs: Falls Reduction and Prevention, Restorative Sleep, and Behavioral Expressions Management.

Empira’s programs are available through the following services:

  • Conference keynotes
  • Seminars
  • Consulting
  • In-person and online training
  • Workshops 

At Empira, we believe that the best way to inspire, challenge, and strengthen aging services is to make innovation fun. Therefore, leverage  “edutainment” to make learning fun.

Whether we’re presenting one of our signature programs at a national conference or consulting with an individual organization, we strive to make the process fun, engaging and rewarding for all.

We also provide custom services for other aging services, topics, or projects upon request. If interested, please contact Empira to discuss your needs.