ResoLute is the Empira consortium’s fourth signature program. ResoLute stands for “Resident Empowered Solutions on Living Until the End.” The program strives to support residents and loved ones as they embrace the process of aging with purpose, determination, and an unwavering commitment to uphold what matters most in the late stages of life.

Empira recognized that failing to engage in prognostic conversation has grave consequences for individuals and families facing the inevitable decline of advanced age or a life-limiting illness. These consequences include depression, physical pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain, stress, anxiety, hopelessness, complicated grief, confusion, high healthcare costs due to unnecessary or unwanted medical interventions, caregiver burnout, regret, and difficult end-of-life decision-making, which impacts all involved.

Ultimately, lack of prognostic conversation undermines efforts to accomplish the essential late life developmental milestone of maintaining integrity while finding a sense of closure and accepting death without fear.

Prognostic conversations courageously recognize and acknowledge that the late life chapter has started and provide an opportunity to improve late life care planning that centers around what’s most important to the individual, considering both medical and non-medical needs.

ResoLute is an upstream palliative approach that begins at the start of the late life chapter. The program provides more time to achieve successful aging, often diminishing the time spent on unnecessary or unwanted medical interventions.

It is important to note that ResoLute is NOT an end-of-life program. The term “late life” represents an introduction into the final stage of life, during which life expectancy is less than three years but greater than six months due to irreversible advanced age-related decline or diagnosis of a life-limiting illness.

As part of ResoLute, a newly created Late Life Expert position will facilitate conversations between residents, loved ones, providers, and care teams surrounding their late life care plan. Discussions will lead to discovery, reconciliation, and care plan solutions designed for the body, mind, and spirit that are rooted in what matters most to the individual. This increased collaboration will ensure the resident and their loved ones feel valued, united, prepared, and supported throughout the late life journey.

ResoLute is still in development and prototyping. If you would like to learn more about ResoLute or contribute your expertise to the program, please contact Empira today.