Our Programs

Empira has developed nationally-acclaimed signature quality improvement programs that were designed using root cause analysis, applied evidence-based research, and consulting with subject matter experts to improve some of the most challenging issues in our industry.

To date our programs include:

We are currently in process of prototyping our fourth program, ResoLute, which focuses on long-term palliative care. ResoLute deployed for process improvement into our member communities in January 2018.

Empira’s signature programs were developed in collaboration with our four member organizations in over 20 skilled nursing facilities across metro and rural Minnesota.

Today, we share the key findings and best practices from our signature programs through education and consulting services, including presentations at state and national conferences, webinars, and working directly with aging services providers.

We’d love to inspire your organization by sharing our findings with your care team. If you’re interested in working with us to improve the standard of care, contact Empira today!